Benefits for our members - what are the benefits of becoming a member?

It goes without saying that resolutely implementing the requirements imposed by our quality and monitoring regulations results in costs for our members. Why then do our members accept these costs and hold the award of our quality mark for their products in such high regard?

There are a number of reasons:

Market acceptanceShaping the future marketImage

Growing numbers of customers recognise the advantages of quality assured products and demand products with our quality mark. The demand for quality assured pipe supports especially in larger objects and in particularly high-class construction projects is increasing continuously. In the mean time, this trend has also reached the mass market sector.

As a member of the Gütegemeinschaft Rohrbefestigung member companies have access to the technical work groups in which future product requirements and assessment procedures are drafted. This offers a significant time advantage to take new guidelines into consideration during the development, construction and project management phases of pipe supports.

The quality mark is seen in the market as an unambiguous mark of premium quality. At the same time member companies are considered particularly proficient technical experts. This view is held quite rightly. Our members underline this point continuously through regular neutral inspections carried out by external institutes.