Quality Assurance Association

The Quality Assurance Association for pipe supports (Gütegemeinschaft Rohrbefestigung) is an independent, cross-vendor organisation dedicated to creating technical guidelines for quality assurance. In December 2003 RAL, the "German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification", officially accredited the Gütegemeinschaft Rohrbefestigung.

Our members are suppliers of pipe support systems from home and abroad.
However, we are under no obligation to represent the views of any individual company.
Neutrality is one of our strengths.

We award our quality mark solely to products that fulfil all of the stringent requirements specified in the RAL Quality and Test Regulations. Customers know they can rely fully on products that bear the quality mark.

Safety - certified products are reliably monitored

As a quality assurance association we guarantee the products certified by us are subject to a pioneering regime of continuous monitoring. Before the quality mark is awarded the individual product series undergo an initial impartial test. Thereafter, the products are subjected to continuous inspections by a renowned, external test institute. In addition, in accordance with the rules of the quality assurance association our members are obliged to implement their own in-house inspection regime to continuously monitor and document the production of their products.

Our state-of-the-art test methods and continuous monitoring offers the customers of our members the reliability they expect. The technical details of the certified products are determined and monitored by an independent test institute; consequently, the technical details of quality assured pipe supports present a reliable aid to orientation and not simply information provided by the manufacturer.

Reliability - you can rely on our mark of quality

Pipe supports are today still considered to be all the same. That is not the case. There are considerable differences. Some differences are easily recognised – others are invisible to the naked eye. Our quality mark makes these differences visible. They create clarity and ensure the technical data of pipe supports is a reliable source of information. The quality mark protects planning engineers, tradesmen and women, architects, home builders and trade outlets.

The products bearing our RAL quality mark are subject to the highest demands and must fulfil the stringent standards set by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification.

That is why our quality marks are a byword for the highest quality and attention to detail as well as continuous impartial testing!

Transparency - an important aspect of our philosophy

Comparing the technical details supplied by different manufacturers gained from different processes of assessment is extremely difficult and time consuming. The results at the end of this complex task are often inaccurate and lack authenticity. Consequently, our most important goal is to objectively assess the technical standards of pipe supports of different manufacturers.

The technical data of quality assured products are determined according to a common standard. The use of common terminology to describe technical details in the technical documentation and sales catalogues of our members simplifies assessment.

That makes it possible to compare all of the data of all of the products bearing the quality mark according to the same easy principle. That gives you a complete overview of all the details.

Good reasons for the manufacturers to be proud when their products are awarded the quality mark.

You can rely on our quality assured products.