Board of Directors and Quality Committee

The board of directors

The board of directors manages the quality assurance association. It is authorised to represent the company in all matters.
It comprises a chairperson, two vice chairpersons as well as the representative of the quality committee.

Martin Schneider

Vice Chairperson:
Frank Nijdam

Chairperson of the quality committee:
Günter Brugger

Managing director:
Holger Mietzner

Members of the quality committee are:

Günter Brugger (representative)Sikla GmbH
Ralf KleinWUS Wilhelm Ungeheuer Söhne GmbH
Dr. Christoph WiednerHilti Aktiengesellschaft
Ulrich ScheidelMEFA Befestigungs- und Montagesysteme GmbH
Stephan MeierERICO GmbH
Marco BiesTyco Building Services Products B.V.
Gillian BaarslagJ.v. Walraven Holding B.V.
Diem KemperFlamco B.V.
Dr. Udo EpingMÜPRO Services GmbH

As well as members of the board of directors